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Happy Days the label is a slow fashion brand based in sunny Queensland, Australia. Each piece is hand made to order by myself, Emily. And if there is too much work to do then we have another team member, Vanessa. We only work with earth friendly fibres such as linen, cotton, and hemp. All of our pieces hope to provide woman with the feeling of comfort and confidence, all while wearing handmade and sustainable clothing.
Happy Days was born in sunny Queensland Australia in 2020 and founded by
Emily and Andrew whom both share a passion for sustainability and practicing an
ethically-minded lifestyle.
We wanted to start Happy Days to create carefree and nonrestrictive clothing that still compliments the woman form. Our pieces can be loved and worn over and over again by the modern woman who cares about the world just as much as we do.
We take pride in the fact that our clothing is made from earth friendly and
sustainable fibres. Each piece of clothing is handmade personally by myself (Emily) or one other local, Vanessa, right here in our beautiful country, Australia.
We want to show everyone that in order to manufacture clothing you don’t need to impact mother earth. And we definitely don't need to produce clothing at the expense of garment workers by exploiting them to unfair working conditions and underpaying them. 
Happy Days is a brand that will strive to make a difference in the world of
clothing by not participating and going against the common practice that is lead by fast fashion brands. We will not produce our products overseas. We will never green wash. We will always be transparent with our customers. We will always strive to be better than fast fashion.