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Happy Days stands for the Earth and its people. 

If you do a quick google search of 'How much is the fashion industry worth?"

This is what it says: 

"The global apparel market is projected to grow in value from 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 to about 2.25 trillion dollars by 2025, showing that the demand for clothing and shoes is on the rise across the world."

It's crucial we start to do our part. Every day you wake up and put clothes on. Where do they come from? Who makes them? How are they manufactured? These questions need to be asked and we need to do our part and make sure to be consciously shopping when we are seeking out something to add to our wardrobe. At Happy Days you can be well assured your clothing will always be handmade by me or my local machinist, Vanessa. 

Now is the time to support businesses that are making the effort to produce sustainable clothing. 

We are advocates for a better world and its people. It's incredibly important as well to know who is making your clothing. Are they getting paid a fair wage? How're their working conditions? Most companies that actively participate in fast fashion will have their clothing manufactured in another country where they can slyly pay their workers at a rate that isn't reliable to support their means of living.

Who wants to be apart of that type of world? We do not.

Our brand, Happy Days, will support and pay locals the appropriate wage that they are entitled too. We will always produce the clothes you love from sustainable & earth friendly fibres.

We need to take care of the world and each other so our planet can continue to be beautiful for future generations to come.